Origins and evolution of VOMOVO ®


Origins and evolution of VOMOVO ®

Origins  of VOMOVO go back a craft company specialised in male jewellery. However we love female jewellery, and of course we love women, in fact they are one of the best clients. We believed that our jewellery designs better fitted with male taste, unless the majority of the pieces are unisex and a lot of women buy not only for present but also to show them. Vomovo is constantly evolving, we do not rule out expanding the collection to other target audiences.

We understand, from our experience, that fashion trends are at the beginning of a point of convergence affecting trends in male and female jewelry. Although we believe that trends in fashion and jewelry tend to converge in not too distant future, differences in taste still exist today. In the origins and evolution of Vomovo there is a unisex component and we want to continue contributing to that convergence between the masculine and the feminine.

Jewelry in general and men’s jewelry in particular are constantly evolving and it is our intention that our/your brand VOMOVO contribute to offering the male public a collection of jewelry that goes one step further in the range of products that already exist in the market

A second place and no less important aspect is the concern that we dedicate from our workshop to being able to become a 100% sustainable company. We believe that a well done design should be environmentally friendly. From our beginnings we were clear about we had to bet on it and we began to implement measures in that direction.