Why buying jewellery produced in Europe?

Reasons to buy jewelry produced in the E.U.

Why buy jewelry produced in Europe? There are several reasons that motivate us to buy artisanal jewelry made in Europe.

We contribute to improving the sustainability of companies, we help maintain the business fabric that is mostly made up of family businesses. But above all, by buying jewelry from our country or continent, we ensure that the alloy used in jewelry is correct and does not contain harmful metals to health such as nickel, cobalt, antimony, cadmium, or tin.

Problems caused by the use of some metals on health.

In the case of cadmium, which is a toxic metal commonly found in nature and has been used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products, including jewelry However, its use in jewelry has been controversial due to the negative effects it can have on people’s health.

Cadmium has been shown to be toxic and can cause a variety of health problems, including kidney, bone, and lung diseases In addition, it has been linked to cancer and has been shown to be particularly harmful to children.

In response to these concerns, several countries have taken measures to ban the use of cadmium in jewelry. In the European Union, for example, a directive was established that sets strict limits on the amount of cadmium that can be used in products. This directive applies to all products imported or manufactured in the EU and ensures that products are safe for use.

In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has taken similar measures. The CPSC has established strict limits on the amount of cadmium that can be used in jewelry and has worked to remove from the market those products that exceed those limits. In addition, the CPSC has worked closely with the jewelry industry to develop alternative solutions to cadmium that are safe and effective.

At VOMOVO, as an artisanal jewelry company that produces all its jewelry in the European Union, we are against the use and commercialization of metals harmful to health such as cadmium, antimony, cobalt, and lead in jewelry.


In general, the prohibition of the use of cadmium in jewelry is an important step towards protecting public health. Although some companies may resist these changes, it is important to remember that the health and safety of consumers should be the top priority. Over time, we hope that more countries will adopt similar measures to ensure that jewelry is safe and free of cadmium.

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